Sec. 32.51.  Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information.


"Identifying information" means information that alone or in conjunction with other information identifies a person, including a person's:


1.       Name and date of birth;

2.       Unique biometric data, including the person's fingerprint, voice print, or retina or iris image;

3.       Unique electronic identification number, address, routing code, or financial institution account number;

4.       Telecommunication identifying information or access device; and

5.       Social security number or other government-issued identification number.


A person commits an offense if the person, with the intent to harm or defraud another, obtains, possesses, transfers, or uses an item of:


1.       Identifying information of another person without the other person's consent;

2.       Information concerning a deceased natural person, including a stillborn infant or fetus, that would be identifying information of that person were that person alive, if the item of information is obtained, possessed, transferred, or used without legal authorization; or

3.       Identifying information of a child younger than 18 years of age.


 Report Identity Theft to the Federal Trade Commission at